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Welcome to the official Budi Bonzai Rigging Team website! We are proud to introduce ourselves as a leading professional company in the rigging, stage dex and chain hoist industry for various shows and events. As PT. Budi Bonzai Nusantara, our main commitment is to provide the best service that not only meets, but exceeds our customers' expectations. We are the right choice for those who prioritize safety, reliability and smoothness in every project we handle.

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We proudly trust leading brands such as PROLYTE Group, SIXTY82 and various international brands that have won worldwide recognition for their superior quality and compliance with international standards.

We would like to remind you of the importance of being careful in selecting stage rigging construction. Very cheap prices may seem tempting, but the safety and smooth running of your event should be your top priority. In the world of events, we are the partner you need to guarantee the success of each of your projects. Thank you for choosing the Budi Bonzai Rigging Team as an experienced and professional solution to meet all your event rigging and equipment needs.

explanation of what aluminum rigging, stagedex and chain hoist are and why they are so important. You can read it in the tabs next to this.

Allumunium Rigging

Aluminum rigging is a type of equipment used in the event and entertainment industry to support various elements such as stages, lighting, audio, and decorations. This rigging is made from aluminum, which is a lightweight and strong material, making it ideal for situations where heavy loads need to be lifted and supported on stages or in large-scale events.

Aluminum rigging typically consists of various components like trusses, beams, assemblies, and other accessories. They are used to hoist and support equipment and other elements so they can be arranged and configured as needed for events. These rigging systems are designed to ensure safety and stability during events.

The use of aluminum as the primary material for rigging is very common due to its lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and durable nature. This allows for the lifting and supporting of heavy equipment without adding excessive weight to the stage structure or event venue. Aluminum rigging is a crucial component in the entertainment and event industry to create a safe and efficient setup for various types of performances and events.


StageDex is a trademark that refers to a flexible and modular portable stage system. This stage system is commonly used in the entertainment industry, events, concerts, performances, trade shows, and various other occasions where a stage that can be assembled and customized as needed is required.

StageDex consists of various modular components that can be combined to create stages of various sizes and shapes. The main components include sturdy base panels, adjustable support legs, and secure connections that allow these panels to be linked together. The stage's height can be adjusted to meet specific requirements, and the system can also be equipped with accessories such as safety rails, stairs, and stage covers.

The advantages of StageDex include ease of assembly, the ability to support heavy loads, and the capacity to adapt to a variety of stage requirements. This makes it a popular choice in the entertainment and event industry because it allows for the creation of stages that meet event specifications without the need for a permanent stage construction.

Chain Hoist

A chain hoist is a lifting device used to hoist heavy loads in various applications, particularly in the construction, manufacturing, theater, and performance industries. A chain hoist consists of a steel chain or wire rope wound around a gear wheel connected to a lifting mechanism. Users typically use a lever or rope to move the chain and raise the load.

The use of a chain hoist allows for the efficient and safe lifting of heavy loads compared to manual lifting. They are often employed to raise or lower heavy equipment, machinery, or components in various situations, including repairs and maintenance, installation, and stage setup in the entertainment industry.

Chain hoists can vary in their lifting capacity, ranging from hundreds of kilograms to several tons. They come in various sizes and types, including manual (operated by human power), electric (powered by electricity), and pneumatic (operated by air pressure). Chain hoists are a critical tool in various industries, used for lifting and moving heavy loads with high efficiency and safety.

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